About our He&SheFood Blog

Here's the beef!

Where’s the beef? Here’s the beef!

Welcome to the newest restaurant and cafe review site on the Internet ( well, at least at the time we posted this). This is the real skinny. A no-holds-barred review of our culinary and epicurean experiences from the couple’s perspective – “he said” and “she said.” No longer will you – the reader – longing for a new place to spend your hard-earned dining dollars – have to rely on a single, if not hopelessly biased, men-only or women-only review. Now get them both, and decide for yourself!

Did you ever head out to that restaurant or cafe, with your spouse or significant other, that you’ve been wanting to try for a long time, and find, on the way back in the car, you’ve apparently had totally different experiences? For him, it might have been all about that juicy hunk of beef and the game on the TV, while she was less than thrilled with the service, ambiance, that cold appetizer she had, or the spice in that marinara sauce that seemed to dominate the pasta.

Well, that’s what He&SheFood is all about. We’re not about ads or “bean counts.” We even show you the competition’s reviews, where it adds to the overall evaluation. We hope this is a place you come back to often, sharing your own dining experiences, so you and your friends can always have a place to find an honest review, good or bad.

So, enjoy our reviews! If you want to add one of your own, just go to the drop down menu from the He&SheFood icon at the top left of this page, select “new,” and click on “post.”


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