John G’s Restaurant

John G’s Restaurant, 264 S Ocean Blvd. Manalapan, FL 33460. (561) 585-9860

Over the years, your dedicated He&SheFood team  has come to recognize that there are two types of restaurants out there: those that treat you right, whether you are a first time customer or a daily visitor, and those, like John G’s, that don’t. Forget the fact that in this day and age John G’s demands cash only – no credit cards; forget the fact that they won’t take your name and give you a pager like every other popular restaurant in the world; and forget the fact that it’s always a 30-45 wait – the sad fact is that their food is, well, average. And barely, if that.

On this holiday weekend, our group endured the obligatory 30-45 minute wait, and then were seated efficiently at a small table – the same they used in their old Lake Worth Pier location – but now in their new digs in a mall across from the Ritz Carlton in Manalapan – with much more room than before. Our miss-no-personality  server took little time in taking our drink order, followed quickly by our food order – we opted for a grilled fish sandwich and the signature dish – the Fish and Chips.

The food arrived quickly and the picture below is an accurate depiction of the enormous platter of Fish and Chips, for $13.95, replete with a huge mountain of tasteless. soggy fries, and three pieces of unevenly cooked, breaded fried fish, which was adequate but certainly not spectacular. Slathered in tartar sauce and lemon juice, it was passable. I liked the thick cut cole slaw – in fact it was the highlight of my meal, along with the soggy hush puppy. She didn’t care at all for the cole slaw and left it virtually uneaten on the edge of the table. The grilled fish sandwich ended up half eaten.

After a hurried cup of coffee, we left with one piece of fish in a box. It is not likely we will be back any time soon.

Overall He&SheFood Rating: CynMor ( for Cindy and Mort) score: 5 out of 10.

JohnGs Signature Fish 'n Chips

The Fish and Chips


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